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If you own or come across a mailing list that is likely to be of interest to the vision community, please inform the moderator.

Morphology Digest

The scope of the Morphology Digest list is to provide a communication channel between people interested in mathematical morphology and morphological image analysis. Related posts such as publication and conference announcements, algorithms, software, queries, and job proposals are sought. The list is moderated in the sense that all messages are collected by the list owner and then edited on a regular basis so as to create an edited digest (maximum 6 per year).

  • Subscriptions: email with subscribe mdigest as the body of message and an empty subject.

  • Submissions: email to with submit as subject. Note that only submissions from list subsribers will be read by the editor.

Back-issues of the Morphology digest are available from


Pixel is a mailing list concerned principally with all aspects of image processing, though a large proportion of the readership works in the general area of computer vision. It is available on the web as with categorized articles. It is also distributed by email on a per-submission, daily or weekly basis, the latter two in digest form.

  • Subscriptions: email with a message body of the form
       subscribe <first name> <last name>
    or complete the form.
  • Submissions: Either use the form or email The subject of your message is used in a summary at the top of each issue, so please make it meaningful and succinct.

The PEIPA archive is associated with this mailing list. PEIPA contains a range of material concerned with image processing, computer vision, computer graphics, and virtual reality; it includes software, test imagery, and related information. PEIPA is accessed by anonymous FTP from in and below the directory ipa and on the World-Wide Web.

Back-issues of Pixel are available from


Vision-List is a mailing list concerned principally with computer vision. It is distributed in digest form to a mailing list and via the newsgroup; you are recommended to read the latter rather than subscribe directly.

Associated with the mailing list is an archive of vision-related material, accessed by anonymous FTP from This includes software, test images, and back-issues of the digest. Some of the material is also on the web at Back-issues of Vision-List are also available from

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