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The purpose of the website

This website was set up in 2008. The plan is to create a free resource to support and encourage interest in the archaeological remains of Colchester and to make information about archaeological research and discoveries in the town as widely and easily available as possible. The core of the material here will be made up of almost all the publications and fieldwork reports (archive and published) of the Colchester Archaeological Trust dating back to its establishment in 1963 when it was known as the Colchester Excavation Committee. The ultimate aim is to provide reports on every fieldwork project undertaken by the organisation since its beginning. Other Colchester material is also being added, with the long-term intention of making the site as comprehensive as possible in terms of archaeological research in Colchester. In particular, the additional material will include articles about aspects of Colchester published by the Essex Archaeological Society in Essex Archaeology and History and earlier in the Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society. There is much to do, but it is hoped that the site content will eventually have sufficient depth and richness to become a useful research tool in itself.

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